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2 - In the Last Days - Perilous Times

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

perilous times shall come.

First listed perilous times. We live in a world filled with peril. Since 1945 there have been over 300 wars. The War Atlas records that since 1945 not one day has passed without war or conflict somewhere in the world. At least half a dozen nations have enough nuclear power to destroy the world. On a local level, the cities of the world filled with violence. People are not even safe in their own bedrooms from the random gunfire that occurs outside their homes. And to that of the viral epidemics and pandemics which threaten the lives of the entire hour world. Right now, with COVID-19, it is not safe to leave your home to do normal chores like grocery shopping or even going to work. There are also millions of innocent lives taken before they were even born. One thing God hates is the spilling of innocent blood. His world is definitely perilous for those who want to follow Christ. Many African nations are practicing genocides against Christians. And lastly, as we have seen in his recent election cycle if a person does not go along with the liberal socialist agenda, they can have their property and assets destroyed, beaten, and even killed. Life in 2020 is even perilous in ‘post-Christian America.’

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