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Look Out: The World without Christians

Second book in the "A Look at the Future" is finished and published on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Nook, Google and Kobo.

There are four chapters in the Bible where Satan’s influence is not seen. These are Genesis one and two which occur before the fall of man and Revelation twenty-one and twenty-two that describes the glories of the millennial kingdom and heaven after the judgment of Satan.

Jesus is the First and the Last, the Beginning and End and thus knows the complete history, past, present, and future until time ends.

Since the time of creation, Satan has been in a constant battle against God to overthrow his control of the earth and mankind. This battle will not end until Satan is wholly defeated and judged by being cast into the lake of the fire for eternity. In the meantime, he continually battles to gain control of God’s creation and place himself as the God of this world. I began a series of three books to inform those living in the end times of what to expect as God brings rescue to his saints and judgment to his enemies.

In my first book on the subject of the End Times titled “Lookup: Redemption in this Generation,” I tried to explain the world situation at the time when Christ will return for his church. Commonly called the rapture. This writing deals with the preparation for and the events of the seven-year period when God brings judgment to the unbelieving on earth and reclaims the world that Adam gave to Satan when he sinned against God. A third book titled “Look Around: God’s New World Order” is planned to follow.

How as we close this period of human history we need to know what God has planned for the near and far future. If you believe that Jesus died for your sins and reconciled you with God, then you should be looking for the rapture of the church and Jesus’ glorious return to take us to be with him. If you don’t believe this, then it’s time to prepare for the terrible time I head for those who dwell on earth. God’s judgment is about to fall. So you either need to Look Up or Look Out.

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