Look to the Future - Book One

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Look to the Future - Book THree

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What Jesus told His Disciples about the End Times

What life will be like during the Tribulation Period

Living in the Millenium and Heaven

Christmas Stories of the

Birth of Christ

Interesting things in the Bible

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First Christmas
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God Sent His Son

Look Up:

Look Out

Look Around

It's in the Book

Reviews From Publisher

On each page, the author’s passion is vivid as he proclaims the need for readers to understand the Olivet Discourse and other biblical prophecies regarding Christ’s return. Readers who are trying to understand the true meaning of apocalyptic literature and end times prophecies in the Bible will be aided by the author’s accurate and insightful commentary. Readers will come away with a clearer understanding of how this teaching applies to their own lives and the current events of today’s corrupted society.


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